Scrap Management Solutions

Scrap Management Solutions in Oman

Scrap Management sounds crude in the context of the services offered by an expert level industrial consultancy. However, at White Feather we have pioneered the concept of Energy resource management, a novel initiative which helps curb and curtail losses due to waste and rejected or left over scraps from manufacturing or production process. Effective energy resource planning and management can cut down the operational costs of any industrial layout diminished by at least 20% and minimize waste from losses and scrap material thereby increasing output noticeably.

Additionally, we also have developed a module which pus the losses from waste or production into alternate recycling program which renders them suitable for further use in the production procedure. Our area of expertise in scrap management includes metallic waste as well as non metallic discards or rejects of the production process and even includes subsidiary by products or feedback used to translate to an enhanced output.