GIS & Geospatial Services

GIS & Geospatial Services in Oman

Whatever we have achieved through the time span of various civilizations is because of the terrain and atmosphere of this earth. The geospatial service offered by White Feather LLC is not just an amenity for the industrial sector but also a tribute to the earth. May it be financial, social, political or any other domains, the scope of action and opportunity is completely based on the geographical areas of the outreach of the entity.

The modern equipment like RADAR, LiDAR, Satellite Linkage, Servers Links, Atmospheric equipment, IT hardware and intelligent software operated by geographical experts, technologists, scientist, administrators and diligent staffs makes life easy. With so much resource we are capable of delivering any project at the drop of hats in a cost effective way.

We offer geospatial services like GIS implementation, global business restructuring, dimensional visualization for topographic analysis, modelling, GIS data analysis and modulation, plan metric mapping, cartography, remote sensing, satellite imaging, weather prediction, technical & geospatial trainings and many more.